Historical photographs: moonah (Melaleuca lanceolata): coastal Victoria south of Melbourne

Decades ago, when coastal Victoria south of Melbourne was less developed, there were more moonah trees than there are now. The following historical photographs show fine specimens of moonah trees as individuals or in groups. Some photographs show more extensive stands of moonah, with or without an understorey, giving some idea of the character of the vegetation.

In each of the captions the heading is based on information preserved with the photograph. The body that holds the photo is given, together with a reference number, if known. Other information given if known comprises the date of the photograph and the name of the person or organization that took it.

Some of the pictures are uncropped or cropped very little from the original. A few are cropped more significantly, to give prominence to a main tree or group of trees. Many old pictures have slight blemishes; in some of those displayed here, blemishes such as streaks or blotches in the sky have been removed.

How to view the pictures

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© Text: Robert Powell